Monday, December 7, 2009

Art Basel Miami Beach 2009

Every year in December Miami gets transformed into a magical and creative world full of amazing art and incredible stuff, and this year was not the exception. Art Basel 2009 was really a hit. There was tons of people in town going to all the different events, art galleries, satellite fairs, parties etc. We had some of the best art in the world. From the old Renaissance times to brand new and crazy art.

If you haven't been in Art Basel Miami and you want to come next year you should visit these websites for all the info:

Traffic gets cRRRazy, coming from the beach to Wynwood and Design District, check traffic info before leaving. The best way to find a parking space in at Target Midtown, you can park there and walk to all the Satellite Fairs like Photo Miami, Art-Miami, Scope, Pulse etc. Each Satellite Fair charges a fee to get in, it will be around $15 to $20 usd but there are so many small galleries in that area that will be open and free to the public.

The main Art Basel exposition is at the Miami Beach Convention Center, the entrance costs $35 usd but if you go after 4pm if will be $20 usd.

Another important fair is called NADA (this year was at The Deauville Hotel in North Miami Beach). NADA means New Art Dealers is a not-for-profit collective of professionals working with contemporary art. Here is their website:

This year I went to Pulse, it is my favorite art exposition. Every year they have the craziest and the most creative art I've ever seen. I love it ! I will show you some pictures below of what I saw its incredible. All of the art pieces are for sale for thousands of dollars its amazing how many people buy it without any problems.

I consider myself as a new artist, I never been in art classes but I think I have a good eye for drawing. My "masterpiece" hahaha, as a lot of you know, is the mural I painted in my living room walls. Actually to make this mural I was inspired by an artist I saw in Art Basel 2007. My mural is basically the shadow of a tree, I wanted to give that appearance and a lot of people tell me I made it. I will show you a pic of my mural too hehe.

Well I hope you can use this info to your advantage and come to visit us for Art-Basel. Remember if you decide to move to South Beach and enjoy these kind of events all year long you can find a property at South Beach Rentals 123 :) ...

Thanks and Happy Holidays !!


THIS IS THE MURAL I PAINTED- I hope you like it :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

Miami Beach Immobilier de Prestige

A few months ago we went to visit the South of France. Josh's brother lives in Cannes and we have other friends/clients that live near Nice so we went to visit all of them and had a great time. We've never been in France before, we visit Cannes, The Antibes, Nice, Eze and Monaco in the south; we also went north to see Paris.

I like the South of France (or Côte d'Azur) because of the views and architecture. The train travels next to the water and you can see the different towns in the mountains and beaches near the Mediterranean.

I love photography, taking pictures was my favorite thing to do in this trip. One of the best places I've ever been in my life is called Eze. Located between Nice and Monaco, Eze its an old town with a beautiful Castle in the top of the Mountain. It takes 1 hour by bus from the train station, but once you are up there, the views are amazing, you are in paradise ! The architecture its super old and beautiful. You can find tons of art and perfume places. Everywhere smells like jasmine.

When we went to Cannes, we stayed at one of our Real Estate client's villa. It was amazing. This villa is located in the top of a mountain overlooking Cannes and the Mediterranean. There are tons of villas like this in the South of France. Money is not a problem in this part of the world. That is why Josh decided to launch a new website, The purpose of this website is to target the French market - specifically the South of France - to buy Real Estate in Miami Beach.

Josh and I specialize in South Beach Luxury Condos, Waterfront Villas and Lofts. We have seen more and more people from Europe looking to buy Real Estate in Miami Beach. Our last clients come from France, Italy, England and Sweden. We would like to approach this market through the best marketing tool ever existed, the internet.

Josh Stein has one of the best Real Estate websites in Miami Beach that ranks in the top of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. This is . We would like to take advantage of our online marketing experience and create websites that really help buyers find the perfect place to live in Miami Beach.

We would also love to network and work with any Real Estate agent living in France or any other country in the world that is willing to refer us any clients and vice versa.

Please visit our new website and let us know what do you think !

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Social Media Addiction

Today one of my best friends told me she is too addicted to Facebook and do not want to keep sharing pictures etc... so, in order to stop it she created another Facebook account and started clean hahaha, it sound a little ironic, it might work for her though, I'm a bit confused..

I've also been thinking that I'm addicted to Social Media, like Facebook or Twitter... I think I really am ! Houston we have a problem hehe...

I was talking to Mariana (one of my Miami friends), she told me this social media addiction increases due to the economic recession, people do not have a lot of money to spend in Marketing and they are hungry to advertise their businesses, the best and cheapest way to go is through internet and social media. Mariana and I have the same kind of background, Marketing. We know how important is nowadays to have an internet presence, I totally agree with her but I also think there are other reasons social media is so addictive...

A lot of people are more and more addicted to it because of: loneliness, need of attention, game applications, living in another country, lack of money to go out, willingness, sometimes we are shy and is easier to make friends through internet etc...

Also, more and more people is finding love through the net because is more easy, saves time and you can really find your match.. I know more and more people that are using this kind of media to find a partner, it seems to work pretty well.

Lets talk about provides tons of info that you subscribed to in order to get little sentences with interesting links. Because of the ease of access to more info that you like makes it super addictive... You don't have to go to anymore, you can just follow it on twitter and click on any news that interest you, but at the same time you are following, abc news or nbc and all of them have different interesting stories. I actually get lots of headaches from the tons of info I read everyday, from news, celebrity gossip, technology, non profit orgs. etc...

Well now you tell me if you are addicted to Social Media and how does that affect your life. Lets think about it..


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Monday, August 3, 2009

Recent changes in my lifestyle....

Well, this post is basically about good changes I started making since last year. The 1st thing I did was to quit smoking, I have to be honest, I stopped smoking for a long time, but now I do smoke 1 or 2 cigarettes whenever I go out (which is usually every weekend). I kind of did a 90% change.. but I still have to quit 100%. Its weird because I do not like cigarettes, I hate the smoke, or when somebody smokes next to me, I think the big problem here is the alcohol, whenever I have a few drinks is then when I want to smoke. Its a dilemma. Ok well, the good thing is that I made a big change and I do not smoke in my daily life and I haven't buy a package of cigarettes in a looong time.

The other thing I quit last year, was eating red meat. I just didn't like it anymore, the meat here in USA tasted different for me than what I was used to eat in Mexico. Also, I thought about the animal cruelty and if I don't even like it it, would be no problem for me to stop eating it.

In the beginning of this year I read the book "Skinny Bitch". This little book just finished convincing me what I already knew about how foods are made, processed etc. The book explains with very specific details of how meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. get added all these hormones and pesticides, and of course, the animal cruelty and living conditions.

As soon as I finished reading this book, I stopped eating chicken and turkey. I didn't stop eating fish, I love fish and sea food, I cannot being a complete vegetarian for now, maybe in the future.

Another important change in my lifestyle was joining a Equinox, my gym. I didn't want to join a gym because they charge your card every month automatically and I was not used to do that. Anyways, I thought if I don't join and they make me pay I will not go, so I started going like 2-3 times a week. The good thing is that one of my best friends "Tara" joined this year so now I had the motivation to go every day, she is my trainer and makes sure I go every day, its a pain in the a... but I like that hehe. Now I go to the gym like 4-5 times a week. I do spinning and yoga some days and the other ones I do cardio and weight lifting.

I also went to GNC, got whey protein shake, folic acid, every day fiber, a muscle amplifier/calorie burner and vitamin B-12.

Ok, I already told you the "good" changes I made in my diet and lifestyle.

Now, I'm navigating the web trying to find a solution or the answer to the question: Why I'm not Miss f$%& Universe by now?? !! hahaha. I'm kidding, well not that much, what I'm trying to say is that I would love to find the answer to a good and balanced vegetarian diet that can make me loose weight faster... I think I'm just an impatient person and want to see results right away... but don't worry, I will try harder and will not give up, be prepared for the new Rosario... coming soon !

I just want to conclude saying that everybody can start making little changes in their lifestyle, all for a good purpose and we will see the results in the future...

Monday, July 27, 2009

South Beach Rental Website ...

Hi everybody !

I'm very excited ! We finally launched our new design for This website was designed to be the easiest way to look for a long term rental* in South Beach.

In order to get started you just have to select the price range, number of bedrooms and parking. Next you will get a list with all the condos available in South Beach with the characteristics you selected previously. I love the way we are showing you the information because is easy to read, each unit comes with pictures and all the information you need to know. has all the information about the process of renting a unit in Miami Beach. For example, most of the landlords in South Beach require 1st month, last month and a security deposit. Each building has an association, every new tenant has to apply and be approved by it prior the move in date. Once you get a approved your are good to go, the unit will be cleaned and we will set time and date to deliver the keys. Sometimes new tenants have to reserve the elevator a week prior the move in date.

I recommend my clients to start looking for a rental 1 month prior the move in date. Availability changes often in South Beach.

You can go to the FAQ page and you will find the answers to the most common questions. If you can't find what you are looking for, please send us an email and we will get back to you promptly.

Please check out my new website and let me know what do you think !

Thanks ;)

Rosario Diaz

* We do not do vacation rentals, 1 year leases only. Sorry :(

Sunday, July 19, 2009


One of the most important things in a relationship is "communication". In order to establish a good communication between partners you must really care or be mature about it. If you don't care or you haven't reach a certain maturity level that will allow you to establish a descent conversation with your partner, it will be very difficult to talk and understand each other and try to improve the relationship. People can be mature in some ways but also immature in a lot of ways... Sometimes you can be able to express yourself but it will not work if the other person does not want to listen and communicate too. I guess whenever you find how to give up some things in order to get others you can finally find an equilibrium. Of course some of them are more important than the rest, if you can manage to balance the relationship, you can make it work.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Memory of Michael Jackson..

Today was a sad day, well, for me the last 12 days have been really sad and depressing.

For the last 10 years I forgot about my childhood idol and now I realize how much I liked him. I used to dance and sing his songs all the time, especially the Dangerous album. We used to dance "Black and White" and "We are the World" at my school for Mother's and Father's Day festivities. I remember all my friends and I loved him so much. He was and will be the best ever. Nobody dances like Michael.

I also feel sad now that he past away, because I can finally comprehend a lot of things about him, when I was younger I thought he was only an entertainer and the best dancer but I wasn't mature enough to understand the man and to see what a great human being he was. I am surprised when I recently heard that he is in the Guinness World Records for being the most charitable star in the world. He really wanted to "Heal the World". I am not sure what was going through his head, but I am sure what was going in his heart.

I like what Rev. Sharpton said to MJ's kids today at the Memorial: "There was nothing strange about your daddy," he said. "It was strange what your daddy had to deal with, but he dealt with it". I think a lot of people couldn't understand that inside him, he was a child and the only thing he wanted, is to give love to the children of this world, the love from the dream father he didn't had.

Most of the people in this world is so used to first think wrong and selfishly, I guess they lost the hope that still there is people that really care about others.

The important thing is that Jackson's family, friends and fans were today with him, the ones that really love him and will never stop doing it. He will live forever, he knew he was going to live forever, his music and legacy will never die. And remember... there is only one who can judge in this world and is not any of us.... God Bless You Michael.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Being Home

Don't you love being home? There is nothing better for me than open the door of my apartment, hold my cats and smell the environment . I like the way is decorated, is the first time I get to add my touch to a place. I actually hand painted a mural in the living room walls, it seems like a shadow from the courtyard trees.

I love to maintain my home clean, but sometimes I don't seem to keep it that way hehe. I think I love to stay at home so much because I feel free and happy to do anything, I can lay in the couch and watch my favorite programs, in this case Will & Grace and The King of Queens, I like to laugh a lot, well who doesn't?

I also feel protected and secure. Its funny because when I was younger and I lived at my mom's house I was never at home. My mom used to tell me that the house was not a hotel hehe. I used to be addicted to be outside at friend's houses, coffee places, bars, etc. I guess I was young and crazy, great excuse not to explain why.

Right now Im watching Bridget Jones, I love that movie, I love movies in general. Im laying in the couch, next to Bella and Luna (my cats) and writing this 1st post. I hope I will get some more inspiration to write often.