Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just thinking..

I have a HUGE question in my mind, what the fuck am I doing with my life. Actually, I have lots of questions. I have to write them down in order to clarify my thoughts and organize the shit is going on inside my brain. By the way, this is the real Rosario talking.

Another question, why I haven't done something incredible or amazing with my life?

Every time I see a beautiful girl on the TV that has reached her dreams like modeling, singing, acting or jumping out of a plane NAKED, feels like I'm doing something wrong. I know what you all gonna say, you have also done pretty amazing things in your life and you should be grateful for what you accomplished and what you have because there are many people that would love to have done at least one third of what you've done. So, is it that I'm tough with myself? I really don't think so. I always thought I was going to be something big, something people will admire and look up to me and say "wow!" Rosario really is awesome. I think I haven't done anything cool for my life or for the world, I feel selfish and lazy but not doing it on purpose or conscious. Not sure what I'm missing, maybe someone to admire, to bump into a conversation that could make me change my world, to really motivate me and lift my ass up and do it.

Sometimes I would like God to talk to me and lift me from by ears and say: "Stand up and get your shit together. Life is short and I sent you to this earth because you are special and smart and can do whatever you want to do." Stop, not writing this to make you guys feel I am very special, etc etc.. is just how I feel towards my situation and what happened to me in life. But why not saying... "yes, I am special and should be doing something great!". I should be in future history books and shit haha ..

Now, don't get worried (if that's the case). Everybody has different personalities. As many as you know I'm a very analytical person, everything has to be precisely analyzed and concluded. Is just how I am. Human can be tweaked, can study, can learn from others, can be modified, but we cannot completely change, so .. everyday that I learn something, I try to apply it, but I cannot change my analytical thinking. Its funny because I went to Mexico a few weeks ago and my mom said I should have been a lawyer, that I always analyze and research deeply to prove I'm right..

Ok, after all this bullshit talking I am kinda released of my thoughts, tomorrow its gonna be a new day, cold by the way -weird for Miami- and I will keep my meditation.

I think an option to help my craziness might be going for a meditation retirement, just a weekend or so and be in complete silence; it must be pretty cool not to talk at all, to have no phones or internet and just disappear into my soul and thoughts. Of course I will make sure I have a pen and paper .. I might write a book in 3 days haha .

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dolce far niente

Dolce far niente, the sweetness of doing nothing.

Today I've been basically doing nothing, went to work for a little bit, then came home, made a white hominy and vegetable soup and fell asleep. I did, nothing. I love doing nothing and is not mean that I'm lazy, is just I feel very comfortable in my home with only myself and my 2 cats.

I got this Italian phrase (dolce far niente) from watching the "Eat, Pray, Love" movie. I think it described exactly what I felt today.

In this movie the main character (Julia Roberts) is trying to find herself and the word that describes her the best, she is trying to find balance. I identified myself strongly with this character, I'm also trying to find balance, I'm trying to put my mind clear and think properly. I want to know if I'm doing the right thing or I'm walking on the right path.

I guess I am not because otherwise you will feel it deeply inside you.

I would totally go now on a trip to many countries I like to visit, Bali is actually on my top list. Unfortunately I can't leave at this moment but will do it soon :) ..

I want to find my word ..

Friday, September 10, 2010

Nice Love Definition ..

"True" love is about the extending of one's ego boundaries to include another, and about the spiritual nurturing of another. - M. Scott Peck

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Facebook "About me" update..

Pretty funny I think..

Social Media and Online Marketing Geek. My "Likes" are: photography, painting, running, cats, technology, Apple, Mexican food, music and a good kiss :) ... enjoy my links and fun status updates..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

This Poem Is Brought to You By the Letter S

Standing still ..

Standing still singing,

silly songs sound streaming;

soul saying, soul speaking,

silly songs sad seaming.

Spinning, singing ..

short spells soon say:

sing silly !

simple songs, sleepy seal..


(Not sure if this poem makes sense haha)

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Choosing a new beach cruiser bike ..

Today I had a fun mission, to choose my new beach cruiser. I actually own a Hampton Cruiser Deluxe (black) which I used to love with all my heart until we started to have bad luck. I owned this bike for 4 years and around 5 months ago my bike started to mess with me ! .. the tires went flat like 4 times, a lot of spokes kept breaking and the neighborhood thieves have been stealing my grips, handlebar, basket and breaking my chain.. so.. I have to let my bike RIP.

One of the reasons I love Hampton Cruisers is because they have the best sit ever ! you can ride and ride and will never get your ass sore haha. I've been looking for a new bike for a while, I usually memorize brands of cruisers I see on the street.

The best brands for beach cruisers out there are:


etc ..

Ok here is my dream bike but I can't afford it right now and I would have to store it every day and I live on a 3rd floor so forget about it. There are a lot of thieves in SoBe.

Now.. the bike Im gonna get is a Hampton Cruiser Classic, I decided Classic because it does not come with fenders which means is a lighter bike and that is what I'm looking for .. Here is a picture: (will add a black basket and a black rear carrier to make it more cool !)

Let me know if you like it ! ..

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Social Media and Online Marketing Business

Peachy Inc.

Launching my new Social Media and Online Marketing business. Today I released my first ad. I'm doing my own online marketing haha.

Ok, basically what we do at Peachy Inc. is:

- We set-up your business and personal profile on all Social Networks in ONE DAY
- Blog creation and maintenance
- 101 Training
- Mobile Sync
- Custom designs and backgrounds
- Custom Social Networks for different needs
- Social Media Monitoring and Statistics

We also offer other services:

- Web design
- Professional and Real Estate photography

Follow us at
Like us at

Thanks !

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Overheard at My Own Funeral

Family will say: Charito was my smart and fighter girl. She did everything she ever wanted. She loved animals and was a good person. She always made it everywhere she was.

- Dad: I wasn't a good father for her and she always called me and care about me. I hope she forgives me where ever she is.

- Mom: She was my best friend. I wasn't the best mom when she was young but she did forgive me and became the best of friends. I'm so sad she had to move far from us but as long as she was happy and got what she wanted I was happy.

- Brother: my sister was super smart and crazy. She loved to party and drink but she managed to live by herself and work hard. We never got see each other often, even though we lived in the same city, but we loved each other. We fought a lot when we were young but finally grew up and when she moved to Miami we had a lot of fun living together and got to have cool and long talks.

Friends will say: Rosario was a very funny and crazy girl. She was a good friend and loved to go out. I will miss her. Who is gonna take of her cats? I guess Josh.

Josh: Rosario was the love of my life. She was very funny, super smart and crazy. I should have marry her in San Miguel de Allende the way she wanted but unfortunately things changed. I will miss her very much.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PGB Design

PGB Design is a new brand of hand-crafted custom built lamps creatively designed by Philip Burrow.

I met Phil a month ago. He is a professional Model and Beach Volley Ball player here in South Beach, FL., I met him one night playing poker, he is really good at it. Too many good qualities huh? well it seems he is the creator of these cool lamps too.

Everything started when he tore down two old barns in upstate New York. He had so much naturally aged wood and knew of electricity that he decided to create something. His lamps, apart from being creative and cool, they are smart. They have touch technology to get 3 levels of light. They can go with any home style.

A few months ago he launched his website PGB Design. There you order and buy online through Pay Pal.

He creates table, pendant, floor and wall-mounted lamps. He is actually working on new models that are real pieces of art (pics coming soon!) Take a look at some of them.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moving in Life..

Today I found myself at home, the one that has been my home for the past 3 years and a half..

I love it here, the place is called Tribeca, is a boutique building surrounded by a beautiful courtyard full of palm trees, parrots and cats; full of life. My actual unit is located on the first floor and has a beautiful Key West style terrace that makes you feel like living in a small cozy house.

I have two indoor cats, Bella and Luna. They both love looking through the window and get crazy about the birds flying around hehe

Lots of light come through the windows from all over the apartment.

Even though we are located in the corner of a busy street we have lots of quietness and peace.

I'm writing about it because I want to be able to remember this moments..

Unfortunately is my time to move in life (again).. I will be moving from this beautiful place to another one not as beautiful but really nice.. Things changed in my life and I must go on the look for new cheese :)

Its hard to accept change. You get so used to it, so comfortable to the same routine, people, condo..

I guess in order to squeeze life and all its surprises you got to move constantly and explore. It will make you grow, be stronger and interesting.

We only have certain years sometimes we could last long, sometimes it could be tomorrow, we never know. We do not know also what will happen after its over. That is why for now lets enjoy life, like a friend always says: "Life is good". I'm happy with my life and I am grateful for what I have, health, family, friends, a job and I live in one of the best places in earth, South Beach hehe

Hope you can feel the same way .. Love


Friday, April 16, 2010

South Beach: Circles of people

Loving South Beach, loving my life... Lately I've been more in touch with the outdoors, with the real South Beach lifestyle. I became an observer, realized lots of things that happen next to me every day and I don't usually pay attention to them.

I discovered the magic of South Beach, its people.

There are several groups of people in South Beach. It is really funny how every person belongs to one of them. Ok, here is a list of circles I think are the most popular in South Beach, if you think there are other ones feel free to post a comment, I guess I do not know all of them..

1.- Office people: the ones that always go to a bar for happy hour after work and still have their suit on.

2.- Real Estate agents: love nice cars, society, parties and money.

-- Also, I guess one person can belong to several circles, but there is always one that is the main one.

3.- Dog Walkers: Love going to the Flamingo dog park or South Pointe Park and socialize with other dog owners.

4.- South Beach Moms: The ones that are always in the playgrounds.

5.- Hospitality working people: Restaurants, shops, hotels etc working people, usually they meet at a local bar at nights and tip really well.

6.- Clubbers: love going to the major clubs on Washington and will end up in the morning at Space in downtown hehe.

7.- Drunks: Local people that are really alcoholics and go to the same bar every single day of their lives.

8.- Sports people: here you have the ones that love playing sports like Soccer or Basket ball at the Flamingo Park. Then you have the Beach Volley Ball group from 8th St. they play volley ball almost every day for hours and have a great time (and amazing bodies). The Gym people; Equinox, David Barton, Crunch etc. members that half are meatheads and the other ones are trying to loose weight or stay in shape. Surfers and extreme water sports, not that popular though. Finally skaters, skateboarders and cyclists... love cruising around the beach and Ocean Dr.

9.- Sports watching people: mostly americans that love to watch american football, basket ball etc. at a bar.

10.- Finally, the Tourists: they are everywhere and make our economy better hehe. (This includes the spring breakers haha)

Well that is all that I can think of right now.. Let me know if you think of any other group..

Have a great weekend !

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friends that come and go..

Hey everybody .. I'm a little sad today because one my best friends just left. Violetta came to Miami like 2 months and half ago and she just left yesterday. Everything in my life has changed since she got here, she calls herself the Tasmania devil hahaha.I think everything that happened was for a reason and I am happy for all of it. We had so much fun together and met lots of people, I hope she comes back soon. I miss u !!!