Friday, April 16, 2010

South Beach: Circles of people

Loving South Beach, loving my life... Lately I've been more in touch with the outdoors, with the real South Beach lifestyle. I became an observer, realized lots of things that happen next to me every day and I don't usually pay attention to them.

I discovered the magic of South Beach, its people.

There are several groups of people in South Beach. It is really funny how every person belongs to one of them. Ok, here is a list of circles I think are the most popular in South Beach, if you think there are other ones feel free to post a comment, I guess I do not know all of them..

1.- Office people: the ones that always go to a bar for happy hour after work and still have their suit on.

2.- Real Estate agents: love nice cars, society, parties and money.

-- Also, I guess one person can belong to several circles, but there is always one that is the main one.

3.- Dog Walkers: Love going to the Flamingo dog park or South Pointe Park and socialize with other dog owners.

4.- South Beach Moms: The ones that are always in the playgrounds.

5.- Hospitality working people: Restaurants, shops, hotels etc working people, usually they meet at a local bar at nights and tip really well.

6.- Clubbers: love going to the major clubs on Washington and will end up in the morning at Space in downtown hehe.

7.- Drunks: Local people that are really alcoholics and go to the same bar every single day of their lives.

8.- Sports people: here you have the ones that love playing sports like Soccer or Basket ball at the Flamingo Park. Then you have the Beach Volley Ball group from 8th St. they play volley ball almost every day for hours and have a great time (and amazing bodies). The Gym people; Equinox, David Barton, Crunch etc. members that half are meatheads and the other ones are trying to loose weight or stay in shape. Surfers and extreme water sports, not that popular though. Finally skaters, skateboarders and cyclists... love cruising around the beach and Ocean Dr.

9.- Sports watching people: mostly americans that love to watch american football, basket ball etc. at a bar.

10.- Finally, the Tourists: they are everywhere and make our economy better hehe. (This includes the spring breakers haha)

Well that is all that I can think of right now.. Let me know if you think of any other group..

Have a great weekend !