Sunday, March 13, 2011

MRI thoughts

First I lay down, is cold, I'm half naked. They put both of my knees on some holders. Plugs on my ears for the noise. Then it starts, really weird noise going on, I'm feeling a weird energy, I was told I can't move because then we will have to take the scans again.

So.. because I was told not to move, of course it made the time worst, I was just worried not to move at all.

I decided on my mind to start saying the "Our Father" and " Hail Mary" prayers, then talking to myself: "now what should I do? my hands are getting numb, can I move them? fuck this shit ! .. my mom told me I have to learn to be patient, ok lets be patient..."

..."Oh God I'm in such bad position my lower back does not touch the ground weird ... Ok ok Rosario think in something else, I feel like I'm on Grey's Anatomy ! I wished the one doing my MRI was Mark Sloan, he is so hot ! "

..."Those squares on the ceiling need to be installed properly, I mean they are ok just need to be perfect.. ok whatever. Patience? my ASS mom ! ... please stop ! please stop ! Those magnets are making me feel weird, it kind of hurts inside my belly, maybe that's why they asked if there was any chance of being pregnant, of course I am not ! .. ok ... last one please .. the blood of my hands is falling down and getting numb ! oh no ! my left foot is also sleeping..."

"Doctor, can I put my hands down?" doctor says "Its over"

Thank God !