Monday, December 7, 2009

Art Basel Miami Beach 2009

Every year in December Miami gets transformed into a magical and creative world full of amazing art and incredible stuff, and this year was not the exception. Art Basel 2009 was really a hit. There was tons of people in town going to all the different events, art galleries, satellite fairs, parties etc. We had some of the best art in the world. From the old Renaissance times to brand new and crazy art.

If you haven't been in Art Basel Miami and you want to come next year you should visit these websites for all the info:

Traffic gets cRRRazy, coming from the beach to Wynwood and Design District, check traffic info before leaving. The best way to find a parking space in at Target Midtown, you can park there and walk to all the Satellite Fairs like Photo Miami, Art-Miami, Scope, Pulse etc. Each Satellite Fair charges a fee to get in, it will be around $15 to $20 usd but there are so many small galleries in that area that will be open and free to the public.

The main Art Basel exposition is at the Miami Beach Convention Center, the entrance costs $35 usd but if you go after 4pm if will be $20 usd.

Another important fair is called NADA (this year was at The Deauville Hotel in North Miami Beach). NADA means New Art Dealers is a not-for-profit collective of professionals working with contemporary art. Here is their website:

This year I went to Pulse, it is my favorite art exposition. Every year they have the craziest and the most creative art I've ever seen. I love it ! I will show you some pictures below of what I saw its incredible. All of the art pieces are for sale for thousands of dollars its amazing how many people buy it without any problems.

I consider myself as a new artist, I never been in art classes but I think I have a good eye for drawing. My "masterpiece" hahaha, as a lot of you know, is the mural I painted in my living room walls. Actually to make this mural I was inspired by an artist I saw in Art Basel 2007. My mural is basically the shadow of a tree, I wanted to give that appearance and a lot of people tell me I made it. I will show you a pic of my mural too hehe.

Well I hope you can use this info to your advantage and come to visit us for Art-Basel. Remember if you decide to move to South Beach and enjoy these kind of events all year long you can find a property at South Beach Rentals 123 :) ...

Thanks and Happy Holidays !!


THIS IS THE MURAL I PAINTED- I hope you like it :)

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  1. Great post Rosario and very helpful. Everyone needs to check out Art Basel, it's a great time. And maybe one day soon, we'll even see Rosario have her own art at the show. :)