Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Facebook "About me" update..

Pretty funny I think..

Social Media and Online Marketing Geek. My "Likes" are: photography, painting, running, cats, technology, Apple, Mexican food, music and a good kiss :) ... enjoy my links and fun status updates..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

This Poem Is Brought to You By the Letter S

Standing still ..

Standing still singing,

silly songs sound streaming;

soul saying, soul speaking,

silly songs sad seaming.

Spinning, singing ..

short spells soon say:

sing silly !

simple songs, sleepy seal..


(Not sure if this poem makes sense haha)

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Choosing a new beach cruiser bike ..

Today I had a fun mission, to choose my new beach cruiser. I actually own a Hampton Cruiser Deluxe (black) which I used to love with all my heart until we started to have bad luck. I owned this bike for 4 years and around 5 months ago my bike started to mess with me ! .. the tires went flat like 4 times, a lot of spokes kept breaking and the neighborhood thieves have been stealing my grips, handlebar, basket and breaking my chain.. so.. I have to let my bike RIP.

One of the reasons I love Hampton Cruisers is because they have the best sit ever ! you can ride and ride and will never get your ass sore haha. I've been looking for a new bike for a while, I usually memorize brands of cruisers I see on the street.

The best brands for beach cruisers out there are:


etc ..

Ok here is my dream bike but I can't afford it right now and I would have to store it every day and I live on a 3rd floor so forget about it. There are a lot of thieves in SoBe.

Now.. the bike Im gonna get is a Hampton Cruiser Classic, I decided Classic because it does not come with fenders which means is a lighter bike and that is what I'm looking for .. Here is a picture: (will add a black basket and a black rear carrier to make it more cool !)

Let me know if you like it ! ..