Friday, April 20, 2012

Bully Documentary - my opinion about the subject

Today I went to the movies and watched “Bully” the documentary. It tells the real story of some kids that have been victims of bully at school and terribly abused, mentally and physically. After I saw the movie, and also during the movie, I was thinking how could we help to solve this situation. I was a bully victim when I was little, not physically but mentally, this even happened sometimes in high school.

Bulling can be finished if all of realize how of a big problem it is and that we need to do something about it. Teachers need to be stricter and have a better psychological education. Schools should have a strong anti-bulling marketing campaign were there is a “anti-bully” seal for the school so kids feel more safe and secure working alongside psychological counselors. Bullies should be reprimanded effectively so they learn their lesson and not do it again. Classmates should stand up for their friends when they see a situation like this. Also, camera systems are now really common and cheap, they have them in school busses but they should install them everywhere like locker rooms, basketball courts, halls, classrooms and all around the schools to collect evidence of who is causing trouble.

I’m sorry if you think I am exaggerating with my suggestions but several kids have committed suicide because nobody did anything about it, the parents have to be trained by counselors too on how to talk to their children. Children let bullies to abuse them because they have low self-steam; parents have to do a lot about it. Self-steam issues can be fixed if we know how to deal with it.

Parents should build a high and strong self-steam in their kids since the beginning of their childhood. They should always program them to feel good about themselves, making sure they tell them every day how good they are at things, always notice how they are improving in something, highlight their qualities and never push them down. I’m not saying to spoil them, just to make sure they create a positive thinking of themselves and that are equal to the rest of the kids.

Also, I know from personal experience, that there are little things that parents can do to help their kids not to be bullied at school; it has to do with “appearances”. I know people are going to say that it shouldn’t be the solution, but trust me it will help a lot, and you know, whatever needed to help saving theses kids lives. What I’m trying to say is that apart from all the positive mental programming we got to do we also have make sure they feel good when they look at the mirror. An example would be if they need glasses get them a nice frame or if its possible contact lenses. My mom gave me my grandfather’s frames to use them as glasses with my own prescription, it made me feel the worst about myself for 4 years until I finally begged her to get me disposable contact lenses (which are not that expensive by the way). Being called 4 eyes and looking ugly in the mirror is not something you want a kid to experience. Anyways is just an example, the same can happened if the kid needs a mole removed, teeth fixed, better clothes etc.. all can be done with an effort of making your child feel secure and accepted specially when kids are really quiet and lonely.  

This is my humble opinion about this subject, I don’t have kids, but I was one, I know how it feels, how depressed you can get and how it affected my life. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad to take me down but it did affect my personality and gave me self-steam issues that I try to fix day-by-day.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Products you can make with Instagram Pictures !

I am really amazed of how many new things you can create using the social networks mania.. One of the most famous right now is Instagram

Instagram is a photography sharing network that allows you to use different filters making your pictures looking like a pro, well at least most of them. 

Here are some products you can use with Instagram: 

1.- Iphone Cases: Casetagram

Here is a sample of the one I made .. 

2.- Coasters from an Etsy shop: Craftedlove

3.- Make a ceramic tile: Imagesnap

 4.- Business Cards: CardFlick

5.- Create Magnets: StickyGram

6.- Make a book: Blurb

Well guys I hope you get some cool ideas of what to do with your pictures. These are also great gifts and affordable.. See you soon !!