Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PGB Design

PGB Design is a new brand of hand-crafted custom built lamps creatively designed by Philip Burrow.

I met Phil a month ago. He is a professional Model and Beach Volley Ball player here in South Beach, FL., I met him one night playing poker, he is really good at it. Too many good qualities huh? well it seems he is the creator of these cool lamps too.

Everything started when he tore down two old barns in upstate New York. He had so much naturally aged wood and knew of electricity that he decided to create something. His lamps, apart from being creative and cool, they are smart. They have touch technology to get 3 levels of light. They can go with any home style.

A few months ago he launched his website PGB Design. There you order and buy online through Pay Pal.

He creates table, pendant, floor and wall-mounted lamps. He is actually working on new models that are real pieces of art (pics coming soon!) Take a look at some of them.