Monday, June 22, 2009

Being Home

Don't you love being home? There is nothing better for me than open the door of my apartment, hold my cats and smell the environment . I like the way is decorated, is the first time I get to add my touch to a place. I actually hand painted a mural in the living room walls, it seems like a shadow from the courtyard trees.

I love to maintain my home clean, but sometimes I don't seem to keep it that way hehe. I think I love to stay at home so much because I feel free and happy to do anything, I can lay in the couch and watch my favorite programs, in this case Will & Grace and The King of Queens, I like to laugh a lot, well who doesn't?

I also feel protected and secure. Its funny because when I was younger and I lived at my mom's house I was never at home. My mom used to tell me that the house was not a hotel hehe. I used to be addicted to be outside at friend's houses, coffee places, bars, etc. I guess I was young and crazy, great excuse not to explain why.

Right now Im watching Bridget Jones, I love that movie, I love movies in general. Im laying in the couch, next to Bella and Luna (my cats) and writing this 1st post. I hope I will get some more inspiration to write often.

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