Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ready, set, GO !

1.- Set a Goal (Be specific: what, when, where)

Short Term Goal

To create in the month of January of 2011 a Custom Mural Painting Company in Miami Beach, FL. The mural paintings will be based in nature and all kinds of trees.

Long Term

To leave my current job in the next 6 months, to have a successful company that allows me to be free and travel the world without having a boss telling me what to do.

2.- Make a Plan (How)

  • I am going to finish my own living room mural painting, then I will have 3 models to show as samples of my product.
  • Professional photo shooting of my paintings.
  • Create a name for the company.
  • Create a basic portfolio in a free blog.
  • Design and print new business cards.
  • Promote my company through online media and flyers.
  • Make a mailing to some buildings in South Beach advertising the company.
  • Start setting up a calendar to be organized with Nespresso schedule.

3.- Get to Work

Already working on it, don't u see???

4.- Stick to it

Let's see !!

5.- Reach Goal


1 comment:

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