Saturday, January 22, 2011

New York I love You

Robin Wright ..

You know,
this is what I've always
liked about New York--

These little moments
on the sidewalk, smoking,

thinking about your life.

Makes you appreciate
the city better.

You can watch the buildings.
You can feel the air
and look at the people.

Sometimes meet somebody
you feel like you can talk to.

You can talk about what?

Things you can say
to a stranger.

You know, when there's
no past, there's no guilt.

Have you ever made love
to a perfect stranger?

Now you're teasing me.

I believe I am.

Well, I mean...

No, not exactly
a perfect stranger,

if you mean someone
I wouldn't know at all.

It's sad.

It's sad? Why?

Because there's almost
nothing more exciting

than fucking somebody
you don't know.


You don't know
their name,

barely saw
their face.


Don't tell me your name.

You know what?
As soon as I finish
this cigarette,

I have to walk back
into that restaurant

and sit down again
in front of my husband.


And he won't look at me.

And he won't notice
I'm not wearing a bra
under my dress.

No bra?

No panties, either.


No underwear?

Not today.

I feel sad for this
poor, lonely husband

who can't see his wife's
hidden talents.

Don't you think he's like
every man, though?

He's typically
blind and bored by
his very own wife,

ready to fantasize about
the first unknown woman

he hasn't fucked yet.

Am I bothering you?

Not at all.

Yeah. And you say that because
now I've turned you on, right?

You want
to take me to bed.

Do you want
to take me to bed?

Yeah, I probably do.

Aw, come on. All right,
why are you telling me
all of this?

Because tonight
I want things
to change.

Chain smoking's
a bad thing.

Who knows?
Maybe we'll meet again.

Thank you.

Enjoy your meal.

I love you.

I love you, too.

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