Thursday, July 15, 2010

Overheard at My Own Funeral

Family will say: Charito was my smart and fighter girl. She did everything she ever wanted. She loved animals and was a good person. She always made it everywhere she was.

- Dad: I wasn't a good father for her and she always called me and care about me. I hope she forgives me where ever she is.

- Mom: She was my best friend. I wasn't the best mom when she was young but she did forgive me and became the best of friends. I'm so sad she had to move far from us but as long as she was happy and got what she wanted I was happy.

- Brother: my sister was super smart and crazy. She loved to party and drink but she managed to live by herself and work hard. We never got see each other often, even though we lived in the same city, but we loved each other. We fought a lot when we were young but finally grew up and when she moved to Miami we had a lot of fun living together and got to have cool and long talks.

Friends will say: Rosario was a very funny and crazy girl. She was a good friend and loved to go out. I will miss her. Who is gonna take of her cats? I guess Josh.

Josh: Rosario was the love of my life. She was very funny, super smart and crazy. I should have marry her in San Miguel de Allende the way she wanted but unfortunately things changed. I will miss her very much.

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