Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Products you can make with Instagram Pictures !

I am really amazed of how many new things you can create using the social networks mania.. One of the most famous right now is Instagram

Instagram is a photography sharing network that allows you to use different filters making your pictures looking like a pro, well at least most of them. 

Here are some products you can use with Instagram: 

1.- Iphone Cases: Casetagram

Here is a sample of the one I made .. 

2.- Coasters from an Etsy shop: Craftedlove

3.- Make a ceramic tile: Imagesnap

 4.- Business Cards: CardFlick

5.- Create Magnets: StickyGram

6.- Make a book: Blurb

Well guys I hope you get some cool ideas of what to do with your pictures. These are also great gifts and affordable.. See you soon !! 

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