Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tonite's Insomnia

The inability to tolerate uncertainty, thats a key. Why? because equals Anxiety and Worrying .. Yes, I can't stand unpredictability, this is really funny cause I am writing a blog post when at the same time I'm reading another one .. Learning and transmitting it at the same time. "You may feel safer when you’re worrying, but it’s just an illusion." Thanks for the tip ..

Ok so basically I worry to f#$% much haha .. What I worry about? future, money, love, creating a family, friends etc ..

Apart from being my 30's life crisis must be that I'm also going through a LOT of big changes in my life. Changes at work, love, health and lifestyle .. I'm a very strong woman but I have the right to feel "uncertain" sometimes don't you think? Ok I'll try to be less analytical .. it just drives me crazy !

Good Night, I'll try to sleep again..

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